Unwind part 1 summary

Conner and Risa were planning on leaving during lunchtime when it was not out of the ordinary to leave campus. The Admiral also shows him the dead bodies of his top five, the three that gave the tribunals, and two others newly arrived people meet.

This network ultimately ends in the Graveyard. He does not agree with anything that Connor and Risa are doing, and he does not think that they should have the baby.

Unwind Summary

The unwinds at these centers can be divided at any time before they turn Hayden, the most philosophical thinker among the unwinds at the Graveyard, ultimately admits that he is unable to answer these questions of consciousness and the soul, to which Connor responds that if everyone admitted this there might not have been a war.

Surprisingly, Lev does not clap, survives, and even goes on to mount a rescue effort. Connor ends up on the Admiral's side as a spy, and when a number of the higher up kids are killed, they investigate, believing Roland to be responsible.

Lev meets up with Cleaver, and two other kids who want to shake up things in the world. This book has a sequel which is titled Unwholly. They would not know how they were playing the piano so well; the hand would be acting on its own. They find a nice adbandoned railroad house to stay in and eat road kill.

Unwind - Part One: Triplicate Summary & Analysis

However, his cell phone tracker gets him caught. However, when Lev discovers that Connor is about to be divided, he convinces his clapper cell to blow up the Harvest Center clinic. CyFi follows the impulses over to the home where Tyler, the Unwind who unwillingly gave CyFi a part of his brain, lived.

He is called Mouth Breather because he tends to "wheeze" out of his mouth most of the time due to his asthma. However at what point does this consciousness begin. The Juvey-cops take away Roland, Risa and Connor to a harvest camp. He is described as angelic, with blond hair and blue eyes. Soon after, Roland tries to make a pass at Risa in the bathroom during Christmas dinner.

Because of this, Risa determines that the draconian Bill of Life ultimately cheapens it. Amp is one of the five Goldens. Risa bolts out of the bus as everyone is distracted and runs to the forest where she meets up with Connor and Lev. He accidentally finds the signed order and decides to run away.

Unwind Summary & Study Guide

As they travel in the darkened crate, the four wonder where they are being transported to. Loyal to the Admiral, Risa and Connor coerce Roland into flying the Admiral to a nearby hospital; Roland betrays them to the police only to be betrayed in turn by the authorities.

Roland gets Unwound a few days later and the process is explained in detail. As the story continues, Levi begins to feel that his parents love God more than they love him, which causes him to feel more and more hatred towards his family for wanting to tithe him.

Connor's injuries made them the unwilling recipient of a new eye, and an arm that formerly belonged to Roland, which they can tell from the shark tattoo on the arm.

The Admiral lives but back in his house in Texas. Connor has always been a troublemaker and his parents are fed up. Bad news guys, Roland is in the warehouse.

During the course of a month the Unwinds get used to their lives in the Graveyard which include something called work call which Unwinds can nominate themselves to take a job they like. Lev does not explode. However, Lev escapes in a crowd and goes to the office to report Connor and Risa.

Although laws like the Bill of Life were passed to make the world a better place, some people argue that laws are powerless to change human nature. Roland is unwound due to his blood type being high on demand. Unwind Chapters Summary & Analysis.

Part One: Triplicate. Chapter 1: Connor. The novel opens with a shocking revelation. Connor, from whose point-of-view the chapter is told, is trying to figure out how to survive until he is eighteen: “He still can’t believe.

Unwind Summary & Study Guide Neal Shusterman This Study Guide consists of approximately 43 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Unwind.

Part 1: Triplicate. Connor. Connor Lassiter and his girlfriend, Ariana, do typical teenage things like staring into each other's eyes, smooching, and planning to run away from home to avoid being sentenced to death by their parents. While many teens are melodramatic, in Connor's world, this threat is real.

In the dystopian future that Neal Shusterman has created in Unwind, “unwinding” a child is not considered murder. Unwanted teenagers (until age 18) can be disassembled and their organs transplanted to people who need them.

It is emphasized that % of the child will live on, though merely in a divided state. The story centers around three teens who have been scheduled to be unwound; Connor, a sixteen-year-old whose family believes he'd gotten into too many fights, Risa, a ward of the state who doesn't make it in the continuing program because of budget cuts, and Lev, a tithe whose rich parents had him specifically to be unwound, as he is the tenth child.

Summary. Connor Lassiter’s life is being stolen from him at sixteen. Ariana tells him that he’s smart and can survive to eighteen. Sitting on the ledge of a freeway overpass atop the rumble of the traffic has been his safe haven. Ariana embraces Connor with tears in .

Unwind part 1 summary
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